Logan County Wills And Estates Lawyer

Estate Planning

Without a legally sound estate plan, you run the risk of leaving your loved ones without instructions regarding what you want to happen to your assets following your death. At the law office of Neil Kerr, Attorney at Law, we serve many clients who have firsthand experience dealing with an estate of a parent or another loved one who did not sufficiently prepare for the future. They come to our law firm because they don't want to put their children and family members in this same situation.

With extensive estate planning experience, Attorney Neil Kerr will assess your needs and provide you with straightforward advice regarding your options. If drafting a will is enough to sufficiently meet your goals, we will help you create one that will leave your loved ones with clear instructions regarding your wishes, minimizes taxes and streamlines the estate administration process.

Many of our clients have additional estate planning needs regarding their health care and finances. Contact us to learn more about different estate planning instruments that can make up a comprehensive estate plan, including a power of attorney or trust.

Estate Administration And Probate

Our firm can assist anyone tasked with settling an estate in Kentucky, including the family members of a deceased person and those named an estate executor or fiduciary in a will. We will guide you through the process in an efficient and cost-sensitive manner.

Will Revisions

As children grow older and preferences for your estate plan change, our firm can help you make revisions to your will. Even if you worked with a different lawyer to draft your will, Attorney Neil Kerr can assist you with any revisions and help you manage your estate plan moving forward.

Call For A Free 15-Minute Consultation

To discuss your unique needs regarding wills and estates with a lawyer in Logan County, please contact our Russellville law firm at 270-266-0188. We serve clients in surrounding communities, including Bowling Green. We offer free 15-minute consultations, evening and weekend appointments upon request, and prompt replies to evening and weekend emails for the convenience of our clients.